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I've been a photographer in one-way or another ever since I was 16 and that was a while ago. I started out with a camera that I bought myself for a hiking trip to Spain and I haven't looked back since. After that I went and got a photography degree from Liverpool John Moores University. Next I moved over to the states and worked in NYC for a little bit as a photo editor. After that I moved to Washington, DC (and by Washington, DC I really mean Clarendon in Arlington, NoVa) and have been photographing weddings and other things ever since.

A few little tid-bits:
I'm originally form Manchester in the northwest of England. I'm addicted to good coffee. I also do some shooting for the NBA and other clients (check out that work here - www.goslingphoto.com).

Northern VA, DC & MD

Tel: 740-398-9662